About 4D Game

4D game is a simple game of chance. To play, pick a 4-digit number, or 4D Number, from the 10,000 possible numbers of 0000 to 9999. Next, decide whether you will like to play big or small. Big refer to big forecast which allow you to all drawing numbers from first, second, third, special numbers and consolation numbers, while small refer to small forecast which only allow you to win on first, second and third prize numbers. You may play either big or small forecast or both, which each minimum bet is RM1.00

Playing Big or Small forecast will have different winning payout, based on every RM1 bet
1st Prize Payout = RM 2,500.00
2nd Prize Payout = RM 1,000.00
3rd Prize Payout = RM 500.00
Special Prize Payout = RM 180.00
Consolation Prize Payout = RM 60.00

1st Prize Payout = RM 3,500.00
2nd Prize Payout = RM 2,000.00
3rd Prize Payout = RM 1,000.00

Assuming you bet RM2 big and another RM2 small (Total RM4) on a particular number (example:2123) and it turn out first prize in the draw result, your winning will be RM12,000.00. Winning from 4D betting is tax-free.