4D Operators

There are three main 4D Number forecast operators (NFO) in Peninsular Malaysia, namely Magnum 4D, Sports ToTo and Pan Malaysia Pools Sdn Bhd. Magnum is the first 4D operator to be granted the operating licence, then followed by Sports ToTo and Pan Malaysia Pools, which is better known as Damacai (大马彩 – Malaysia’s sweeps). Pan Malaysia Pools Sdn Bhd is well known for its big sweep lottery.

Magnum formulated the 4D gaming, while Sports Toto was then known for it ToTo games and Damacai on it 1+3D. However, Malaysian prefers 4D more then the others, which leads to all operators now offer 4D games.

4D games has evolved to include jackpot which offer bigger prizes payout. Apart from the usually RM1 bet on big or small forecast, players can now bet on jackpot, but will required players to hedge on 2 set of numbers (4 digit numbers of course). Should the 2 set of numbers win the 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd prizes, the player then HIT jackpots, which the payout will be in millions Ringgit Malaysia.

While all 3 NFO offer similar prize payout for it 4D games, you may want to consider supporting DaMaCai instead of Magnum and Sports TOTO. The reason is very simple, both Magnum and Sports TOTO are profit oriented companies, where DaMacai has changed to become a Non-profit company, where all its profits from its gaming business are channelled to a community fund, known as Community Chest, which is used to promote and support Malaysian education as well as giving scholarship to poor and deserving students. Thus, buying your 4D number with DaMaCai will see that a portion of your contribution toward Malaysia education.